Cashouts API
Our Cashouts API is used to send money to your customer's bank account straight from your cashier


We process cashouts to all the countries' local banks in which we operate on.
Find below the description of our Cashouts APIs you can choose to integrate based on your needs.

Cashout API v3 Integration

Develop your own checkout page where you will collect and send to us all the details required to process the cashouts.
This integration is more complex since you have to collect all the information needed for each country but it provides you with the advantages of developing the checkout in your own website, therefore, the customer never leaves your website. It also provides more transparency as you collect and validate all the customer's bank account details.
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Easy Cashout API Integration

This API will soon be deprecated as a new API is being developed. We recommend integrating the Cashout API v3 instead.
Send a request with basic information about the cashout like the country, currency, amount and document number of the beneficiary and we will respond you with a link you can use to redirect the customer to our Hosted Checkout where we will collect and validate all the information related to the customer's bank account.
Easy Cashout Hosted Checkout example
This product is easier to integrate because you don't have to collect and validate the information required for each country but you need to redirect the customer to an external website.
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Last modified 8mo ago